Techonology News and Big Brother

Black Box in Your Car?  Believe it or not it Could Be…

DVice Articel May 24, 2011: Feds to require black box event recorders in all new cars

NY Times March 11, 2010:Agency Weighs the Need for a ‘Black Box’ in Cars

Card companies are planning on introducing card less transactions that no longer require card numbers on pin numbers  just an ID and password, just use your iphone?  “Visa said the wallet and services platform will store Visa and non-Visa payments accounts including PayPal information and will support NFC payments through Visa’s payWave application. The card network sees the wallet being used for everything: e-commerce, mobile shopping, micropayments, social networks and personal payments.”
Visa Looks Beyond the Card With One-Click Digital Wallet

America’s Secret Police?Intelligence experts warn that a proposal to merge two Pentagon intelligence units could create an ominous new agency.

Mother Jones April 2 2009: Should Obama Control the Internet? A new bill would give the President emergency authority to halt web traffic and access private data.PBS Document from Frontline Dec 21 2005: AT&T’s Implementation of NSA Spying on American Citizens

Wired Jan 23, 2009: NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps Were Combined with Credit Card Records of U.S. Citizens

Boston Globe July 29 2007 US aides fought over data mining

Disclosure casts light on furor over AG’s testimony

Wired Oct 18 2007: Democratic Lawmaker Pushing Immunity Is Newly Flush With Telco Cash

Network World March 09 2009: Rod Beckstrom resigns as director of National Cybersecurity Center
Robots Make Majority of Humans Obsolete?

Pentagon Plan to Monitor Activists On Facebook and Twitter
Pentagon Seeks a Few Good Social Networkers. NY Times. August 2 2011.

Pentagon puts out a call for the socially savvy.  Washington Posts. August 2 2011.

You can see the actual application for the $42 million in funding for the Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC)

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