Obama or Bush III? What happened to Change Sounds Like More of the Same…

Full disclosure I voted for Obama.  I was skeptical at the time that he would be anything different, since no one who gets that high ever really is but I thought he was most likely the lesser of two evils.  I though John McCain had most likely sold his soul to get to the Presidency, so maybe, just maybe Obama might be different……   I was wrong.  What has he promised in his campaign that he hasn’t flip flopped on when he got into office?  Here is my attempt at documenting it.

Washington times March 24 2009: Obama breaks own signing rules

Obama flip-flops on Patriot Act & other issues

Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension. GOP’s Paul, some Dem senators express alarm over renewal of terror-fighting provisions.  MSNBC. 5/27/2011.


Who Were Obama’s largest contributors?

Mostly financial institutions and schools (University of CA was the largest contributor of all) along with Time Warner, GE, Google, and IBM, ets.  You can see the list here.

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