Patriot Act Renewal: Congress Being Pressured to Pass Without Debate

Shouldn’t giving up our liberties our fore fathers fought for require at least an honest debate?  Apparently not.  The deadline to renew the Patriot act (oh that title makes me laugh every time) before it expires is before Memorial day weekend (much like the Federal Reserve Act being passed before Christmas)  and Obama is in Europe so better pass it it quick without debate guys….  How are you representatives voting?

And while we are on the subject I have two thoughts:

1:  Why are we not hearing this on the news everywhere we turn?  This is huge!

2:  Why has Obama flip flopped on this issue?  Oh yeah and why is no one calling him out on this?  Guess I’ll have to…
Star Tribune May 24 2011:  Congress races to extend Patriot Act, send to Obama in Europe before Friday deadline
Huffington Post Sept 15 2009:Obama Supports Extending Patriot Act Provisions 
ABC News Sept 15 2009:  Patriot Act Provisions Get Obama Support
MDD Dec 12 2007:  Obama flip-flops on Patriot Act & other issues

Yahoo News May 2011:  Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension

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