Sept 11th articles documents and videos

Bush warned before Sept. 11 of possible attack, USA (AP), 2002

Federal agency planned plane-crashing-into-building drill … last Sept. 11, USA (AP), 2005

Armed pilots banned2 months before 9-11: FAA rescinded rule allowing guns in cockpits just before terror attacks, World Net Daily, May 16 2002

Sources: Hijackers’ ex-landlord was FBI informant, CNN, Sept 11, 2002

Taleban ‘warned US of huge attack’, BBC, Sept 7 2002

Trade Center warning baffles police;” An ‘urban myth’ turns out to be true — but what does it mean? MSNBC,

Osama was treated in an American Hospital the night before 9/11
Hospital Worker: I Saw Osama. CBS News. Feb 11 2009.

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