Obama Care: 733 waivers so far see the full list here

So let me get this straight, everyone is ordered to purchase health care.  Except for some people…?   That’s right if you can lobby the Obama administration, or are buddies that’s how I see it.  What about the small companies that don’t have waivers?  Doesn’t that give them an unfair competitive advantage?  According to the Department of Health and Human Services “Waivers only last for one year and are only available if the plan certifies that a waiver is necessary to prevent either a large increase in premiums or a significant decrease in access to coverage.  In addition, enrollees must be informed that their plan does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  No other provision of the Affordable Care Act is affected by these waivers: they only apply to the annual limit policy.”  Will it really last only a year or just be renewed the next?  Why do large companies like McDonald’s and Pepsi need waivers?  What do you think?

You can read a full list of the 733 waivers awarded thus far at the Department of Health and Human Services Website

WOLF: Obamacare waiver corruption must stop: If some Americans deserve exemption from a bad law, then all Americans do. Washington Times. May 20 2011.

Michelle Malkin a Fox News contributor’s blog about Obama care

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