GMO’s franken plants and humans What You Need to Know: Past and Present Articles and Documents

What concerns me most about GMO’s  it is the fact that it can cross pollination with other plants and spread to other crops not planted with GMO.  Currently almost all corn, soybeans, cotton, and canola are GMO.  Think about all the products soy is in.  It’s even in chocolate.  Now GMO salmon, beets, and alfalfa, and papayas is approved.  So anything with  sugar that’s not organic or cane could be GMO as well as corn syrup or high fructose.  Dairy and beef products will most likely have been fed GMO alfalfa. So now people will be planting GMO grass in their yards which can spread to pastures where grass fed animals are raised.  What happens when this experiment goes horribly wrong?  When natural plants no longer exists what do we do?  Will organic food even be safe when it can cross pollinate with neighboring GMO crops?  Will we have a choice even?  I urge you to research into this issue if you haven’t already.  Here’s some info to get you started:

 Eugenics Through GMO

Gates Foundation ties with Monsanto under fire from activists.  Seattle Times.  Aug 28 2010.

Franken humans with animal DNA
Human-animal embryos move nearer to reality, Mail Online May 18 2007
Brits approve human-animal embryo research, CBC News, Sept 5 2007

1965 Time life Article “Control of Life” explores animal and human reproductive experiments

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