Our Global Neighborhood, Agenda 21, ICLEI, and the UN Rual Council in the US

Our Global Neighborhood

This was published in 1995 as a result of the Commission on Global Governance which was established in 1992.  It is very pro increasing the UN’s powers over nations, and decreasing national sovereignty.

You can purchase a copy at Amazon.com here or read it online here

UN Agenda 21

a great speech discussing the UN’s Agenda 21

News story about how Agenda 21 is affecting farmers

UN Rual Council

ICELI: Is the UN in You local Neighborhood?

ICLEI is a United Nations-sponsored group which designs and writes policy for your area on land use, energy goals and measurement, and water usage. ICLEI is a paid consultant and/or receives dues from your taxes.

ICLEI was formed after the United States (George Bush, Sr.) and 178 other nations met at the United Nations Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and agreed to use certain principles as their guidelines (Agenda 21 conference).  Those guidelines include major reductions in energy and water usage, and huge increases in the number of living units in city centers. This is called UN Agenda 21-Sustainable Development.

In 1993 President Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and gave a $1 million grant to the American Planning Association to write “Growing Smart: A Legislative Guidebook to bring UN Agenda 21 to the United States.” Smart Growth was the result. Multi-story condos or apartments over small retail with little parking, crammed in your town center. The reason for this style of construction is that, as UN Secretary General Maurice Strong said, ‘the affluence of Americans is a threat to the planet.’ Single family homes are a threat.

Is your local government a part of ICLEI?  Mine is find out if yours is too by clicking here.

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