US in the War on Libya: It’s Unconstitutionally and Possible Motives

The Unconstitutionally of the War in Libya
White House: US ‘can act in Libya without Congress’. BBC. June 15 2011


Possible Motives For Declaring War On Libya

Humanitarian or resources?  You be the judge.  All I have to say is they didn’t even block the radio waves to stop the cummnication in the  in the genocide in Rawanda…..

Gold: Libya has 144 tons of gold and Chavez is demanding delivery of their 366 tons of gold.  It is well known in the metal markets that they have been leveraged (meaning stocks are sold for physical gold they don’t have, so when someone demands physical delivery problems can happen…)  Funny how just when Chavez wants delivery libya starts to fall….

Oil: Before the war, Libya produced about 2 percent of global oil output or 1.6 million barrels per day and has reserves to sustain that level of production for 80 years.

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