Cameras Track Vehicles by License Plate and Data is Available to the Public

Cameras tracking you at all times by your license plate.  Sounds crazy right?  And this is public knowledge?  Even crazier, but it’s not it’s all true.  I do know that in many cities are monitoring cars by their license plate, like Washington DC,  Vermont, Minneapolis and Saint PaulNYC  and probably many other cities I’m not aware of.  I’m not sure if this information is public knowledge in all these cities, but it is in the twin cities (MN).  Check out this article from the Star Tribune below, it describes how until there is a law otherwise all this info is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.  Meaning anybody can track any vehicle they want in Minneapolis and Saint Paul currently.  Hmmm…..  that doesn’t sound right.  Can you imagine if you had a stalker?  Apparently a police officer has actually already used this info to stalk a women he drove past once in New Jersey.  You can learn more from the articles below:

Creepy cop saw attractive woman on the road and ‘looked up her license plate number so he could stalk her on Facebook’ Daily Mail UK PUBLISHED: 22:14 EST, 24 July 2012

City cameras track anyone, even Minneapolis Mayor Rybak: Star Tribune. August 17, 2012
Legislators join in calling for rules on license plate scans.

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