I’m just a girl who loves her country and is on a quest for the truth.  I know enough to know that I don’t trust what the media or our government tells us.  Unfortunately due to our media structure being completely controlled from only a few sources and therefore easily manipulated,  one has to seek out unfiltered news sources.  This is difficult for the average hard working American to do.
Not only that but we are often so overloaded by information that it is hard to sort through the info and remember what is important.   I hope that this blog will help you in your quest for knowledge.

What You Will Find On This Blog

I am trying to find my own truth about the world we live in for myself.    I am trying to sort through  articles, books, government documents, and documentaries  for well documented facts to piece together my own truth.  I encourage you to do the same.  Many people dismiss anyone who questions the norms of our society, culture, or government as “conspiracy nuts”.  By labeling someone it stops them from even contemplating what they believe.  No matter how sane and logical.  For this purpose I think it is very important to be able to clearly back up what you are saying with legitimate primary and secondary sources.  This blog mainly serves as a bookmarking site for links to legitimate good sources I have found both past and present by topic.  The topics on this blog will very.  I hope that this site will help you in your own quest for knowledge and I encourage you to do your own research make up you own conclusions.


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