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Could You Be Subjected to Mobile TSA Porno Radiation Without Even Knowing it?

Newly released documents obtained by The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) yesterday released the documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, clearly show that the The Homeland Security Department continued to pursue a mobile surveillance program, moving radiation firing body scanners out of airports and into streets and shopping malls, despite claiming it has dropped the plans altogether.

I guess being subjected to radiation and having your naked when inverted body image scanned at the airports just isn’t enough, now we may soon be subjected to this while driving without our knowledge or consent.  I guess we also need it in malls, subways, stadiums, and streets too.  You never know what could happen at your local Sears or baseball game.

EPIC noted that the DHS has actively deployed “mobile body scanner technology in vans that are able to scan other vehicles while driving down public roadways.”

“These vans, known as ‘Z Backscatter Vans,’ are capable of seeing through vehicles and clothing and routinely store the images that they generate.” EPIC’s lawsuit notes.  To get a better picture of how this technology works watch the video below of Joseph Reiss VP Marketing American Science and Engineering (ASE) describing how there mobile backscatter technology works and how the US department of defense, homeland security, law enforcement, US customs, as well as international agencies.  4 minutes into the video he shows how they can use this technology to scan vehicles.  You can also see more info about ASE’s technology from a document (I assume as part of a meeting or presentation) from 2006 here (pdf).

In this video Fox news covers this new technology.  I don’t know when this broadcast aired but it was uploaded 2 years ago and they mentioned that TSA scanners were just put in at the airports that day.  I love how they don’t mention once in the interview the dangers of radiation.

So it looks like the government is buying this backscanner technology as Joseph Reiss VP Marketing American Science and Engineering validates in the video above.  And we know from the EPIC lawsuit that the DHS has actively deployed “mobile body scanner technology in vans that are able to scan other vehicles while driving down public roadways.”  And we also know from the Fox news report above that the day the scanners were put into airports they knew about mobile backscanner technology to scan cars on the road with radiation.

Why?  Well to catch large drug movements and I suppose terrorist and criminals will most likely be the claim.  Which sounds good on the surfacebut…… is that really necessary?  Will citizens really be anymore protected?  And at what cost?  We will pay dearly financially, with our health (unknown exposure to radiation) and to our liberties (personal data (like your naked body shot) that can be stored who knows where).  I don’t know about you but this creeps me out.  Personally I think being subjected to unknown amounts of radiation without my knowledge is far more likely to harm me than this scanning technology is to save me from some imaginary threat.   No amount of radiation is OK.  And I believe we should have the ability to decide whether we want to expose ourselves to risk like that.

You can read more at:
New Documents: Big Sis Lied About Canceling Mobile Body Scanner Program . Aug 17, 2012


Cameras Track Vehicles by License Plate and Data is Available to the Public

Cameras tracking you at all times by your license plate.  Sounds crazy right?  And this is public knowledge?  Even crazier, but it’s not it’s all true.  I do know that in many cities are monitoring cars by their license plate, like Washington DC,  Vermont, Minneapolis and Saint PaulNYC  and probably many other cities I’m not aware of.  I’m not sure if this information is public knowledge in all these cities, but it is in the twin cities (MN).  Check out this article from the Star Tribune below, it describes how until there is a law otherwise all this info is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.  Meaning anybody can track any vehicle they want in Minneapolis and Saint Paul currently.  Hmmm…..  that doesn’t sound right.  Can you imagine if you had a stalker?  Apparently a police officer has actually already used this info to stalk a women he drove past once in New Jersey.  You can learn more from the articles below:

Creepy cop saw attractive woman on the road and ‘looked up her license plate number so he could stalk her on Facebook’ Daily Mail UK PUBLISHED: 22:14 EST, 24 July 2012

City cameras track anyone, even Minneapolis Mayor Rybak: Star Tribune. August 17, 2012
Legislators join in calling for rules on license plate scans.

50 question Census Survey’s Yearly? It’s Called the American Community Survey

Could you have a census taker at your door yearly even monthly (While they don’t say anything about monthly visits on their site I have heard that it could be monthly)?  Yes you could.  Sounds crazy right?  Sad thing it isn’t.  It’s called the American Community Survey.  You can view it at the Census’s own Website here.  What do they ask?  You can view a general list here.  You can view the full list of housing questions here.  Population questions here.  According to the website you must answer all the questions by law.  If you don’t you are fined $100.  This is based on Title 13 U.S.C. Section 221.  which was passed in Jan 2011.



Vaccines a Critical Look

The more I learn about vaccines, the more concerned I am about them.  I think we need to educate ourselves and decide what is best for us.  While we know the benefits of vaccines (and therefore I will not put info in regards to that here), we also need to know the potential dangers and miss uses of vaccines.  I hope these sources will help in your search.

CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden’s family DNA: Senior Pakistani doctor who organised vaccine programme in Abbottabad arrested by ISI for working with US agents, The Guardian, July 11, 2011
If the government admits they used vaccines as a ruse to get DNA couldn’t they do that to the general public by creating a false pandemic?

Bill Gates said in a TED speech that we can control population through vaccines.  Watch the video here.  It’s at the end if you want to skip ahead.

DNA database taken from birth became law 2007

The S. 1858:Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007 allows the government to set up a DNA “screening” database of DNA taken from birth. It has long been thought that since the 1970’s that blood is taken from newborns and stored at the pentagon. There is no more speculating this is an actual law that was passed in 2007.

Here is a good critical analysis of the bill

Here is the bill in full