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Multiple Shooters at Sikh Tremple Massacre?

Were there multiple shooters at the recent massacre at the Sikh temple in WI?  This question arises from an interview with the son of the head of the temple who was shot.  He say sin it that an eyewitness that he knew told him that there we’re multiple shooters who were white.  Why have we not heard about this on the news?

You can check it out here:

There was another witness who said that there were 4 white men shooting was interviewed below as well.

A News station reporting on the witnesses statement that there were multiple shooters.


ATF Program “Operation Fast and Furious”: The US Government Armed Mexican Gangs

“U.S. Agents Launder Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels” NY Times. Dec 3 2011.

The US Govt has been caught arming Mexican gangs.

“Of the nearly 30,000 firearms recovered in 2009 and 2010 in Mexico, where gun possession is illegal, some 70 percent were determined to have come from the United States, ATF officials told lawmakers last week.”

“The program has renewed the political debate over tougher gun control laws.”  Could this be why the US is selling guns to gangs in Mexico?  “The Obama administration has resisted pending its own investigation and prosecutions. ” I wonder why they would resist investigation……?

U.S. agents slam gun sting effort on Mexico border, Reuters, June 15 2011

Hilarious and informative take on “Fast and Furious” Operation by Jon Stewart