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Rockefeller Foundation: Engaged in Mass Mind Control?

The Rockefeller foundation is quite an interesting foundation indeed.  A new article by Jurriaan Maessen for Infowars looks at the Rockefeller Foundation’s own documents available on their site in regards to mind control.  I found this article very interesting.  I think mass psychology is an often overlooked field and is used in ways we never realize, because we are not aware of it.  The more we are aware of what mind control or propaganda looks like, the easier it is to spot.  I encourage you to browse the Rockefeller reports used in this article at your leisure and make your own judgement.

1948 Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report (pdf)

1954 Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report (pdf)

1974 Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report (pdf)

Want to look at a different year? Here’s a link to all annual reports from 1913 to present

Documents Reveal Rockefeller Foundation Actively Engaged in Mass Mind-Control Infowars. March 04 2012