Congressman Stearns questions Secretary Treasury Paulson about 2008 Bailouts and his personal 200 million tax free profits

Silver Manipulation Caught in the act 7/19/11: 1/3 to 1/4 of all silver mined in the world dumped in one minute.

Donald Rumsfield says Pentagon cannot account for 2.3 trillion dollars the day before 9/11: CBS News

Council of Foreign Relation’s (CFR) thoughts on the economy 2006
What the boss wants from Hank Paulson. CFR. July 17 2006
2008 -current Recession
Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown, The Guardian, Jan 26 2009
The worst economic turmoil since the Great Depression is not a natural phenomenon but a man-made disaster in which we all played a part. In the second part of a week-long series looking behind the slump, Guardian City editor Julia Finch picks out the individuals who have led us into the current crisis

Less than half of AIG bonuses returned. Washington Times. Oct 15 2009

America’s Fiscal Collapse.  Global Research. March 2 2009

Bail out Tallies and Compensation and Repayment Reports comprised by Nomi Prins (former managing director of Goldman Sacs) and Krisztina Ugrin.United States Senate

PDF Report WALL STREET AND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS:  Anatomy of a Financial Collapse.


According to the report,  “This Report is the product of a two-year, bipartisan investigation by the U.S. Senate
Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations into the origins of the 2008 financial crisis. The
goals of this investigation were to construct a public record of the facts in order to deepen the
understanding of what happened; identify some of the root causes of the crisis; and provide a
factual foundation for the ongoing effort to fortify the country against the recurrence of a similar
crisis in the future.

Using internal documents, communications, and interviews, the Report attempts to
provide the clearest picture yet of what took place inside the walls of some of the financial
institutions and regulatory agencies that contributed to the crisis. The investigation found that
the crisis was not a natural disaster, but the result of high risk, complex financial products;
undisclosed conflicts of interest; and the failure of regulators, the credit rating agencies, and the
market itself to rein in the excesses of Wall Street.”

US Trade and economic statiatics
US Census Bureau US Bureau of Economic Analysis Report released May 11, 2011

Export, import, and trade figures.  Notice our lack of exports….

U.S. Trade in Goods and Services – Balance of Payments (BOP) Basis

Historical chart on US trade from the census department

Trade between US and China Chart 1985- 2011(March) From Census

Unfair China Trade Costs Local Jobs Economic Policy Institute Report

the report goes into detail about job loses due to US trade with China in particular.  Between 2001 and 2008 the United States lost 2.4 million jobs due to the growing trade deficit with China

Federal Reserve

The GAO (Government accountability Office) Federal Reserve Investigation report of the emergency loans in Dec 1 2007-July 21 2010.
Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed.  Bloomberg.  Aug 22 2011.

A very good article on the secret loans with junk bonds and stocks as collateral found during this audit.  Not only were the terms appalling but the federal reserve also lent money to foreign banks.

World Banking:  Who controls the worlds banking?

Controlling the Worlds Monetary System the Bank For International Settlements

What is the BIS anyway?  And why is it like a sovereign nation?  And how is it they can create booms and busts?  Veon answers these questions in this article with his exclusive interview with the BIS’s managing director Dr Malcolm Knight.

World Currency?

In a document by the International Monetary Fund, drafted on April 13, 2010 titled Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability, the report shows that while there are benefits to the use of SDRs, there are also some limitations and drawbacks.

One of those drawbacks stated in the same document is the fact that the SDR is not a currency:

From SDR to Bancor. A limitation of the SDR as discussed previously is that it is not a currency. Both the SDR and SDR-denominated instruments need to be converted eventually to a national currency for most payments or interventions in foreign exchange markets, which adds to cumbersome use in transactions. and though an SDR-based system would move away from a dominant currency, the SDR’r value remains heavily linked to conditions and performance of the major component countries.A more ambitious reform option would be to build on the previous ideas and develop, over time, a global currency. Pg 26.

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner confessed on Wednesday that he had not read the plans by China’s central bank governor for a “super-sovereign reserve currency.
Derivatives: What economists say is the biggest threat to our Economy

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