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SNL “Straight Talk Stock Market”

Sometimes you just need to laugh at how bad our entire financial system is.


A Controversial Ozone “Ruling” That Threatens Jobs AND the Economy

Mercola.com “Coming Soon: a Controversial “Ruling” That Threatens Your Job AND the Economy” April 25 2012.

Story at-a-glance

  • Ozone is not inherently bad, nor dangerous. It’s a normal part of your air supply, and it’s only when ozone levels are excessive that health problems can occur
  • At the appropriate natural levels like you find outside on a non-polluted day, ozone is not only effective – it’s nature’s method for cleaning the air we breathe — it’s naturally safe
  • The EPA’s latest ozone ruling is unsupported by scientific evidence and may cost the U.S. a trillion dollars and millions of lost jobs

My Thoughts: Just another example of unnecessary regulation hurting the economy.

Economy; Jobs, Inflation, the Federal Reserve, and the BIS

Leader of Obama Jobs Council, Jeff Immelt, Moves GE’s Health Care Unit to China, Fox News July 25, 2011


Alan Greenspan on Meet the Press “We can always print more money..”

They are talking about changing the way inflation is calculated for the CPI again.  I can only guess in hopes to make people think that inflation is low, and to raise taxes without anyone knowing and decrease social security without anyone knowing.

Talks: Inflation change could cut Social Security, AP, July 7 2001
Federal Reserve

The Looting Of America: The Federal Reserve Made $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Their Bankster Friends And The Media Is Ignoring The Eye-Popping Corruption That Has Been Uncovered

GAO (Government Auditing Office) Audit of the Federal Reserve July 2011

The World’s Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders July 29, 2011

Interesting Economy Articles and Docs: Past and Present

US Debt Ceiling
U.S. eats up most of debt limit in one day: $239 billion spike uses up 60% of funding OK’d on Tuesday.Washington Times. August 3 2011.

Metals Market

Max Keiser with guest Eric Sprott (CEO and founder of Sprott Asset Management) talking about silver May 12, 2011

US in the World Economy

G-20 Officials meet without the US to discuss the economy

March 16 2009: ‘Jury’s out’ on future of Europe, EU doyen says

Former EU commissioner Etienne Davignon, vice-chairman of Belgian energy firm Suez-Tractebel and president of Brussels-based NGO Friends of Europe, and the chair of the Bilderberg group talks to the EU observer about Europe’s future.

CNN Sept 27 2011 The ‘American Age’ to end in 2016?

IMF says China will have largest economy by 2016

Bloomberg Sept 29 2010: Pentagon Loses Control of Bombs to China Metal Monopoly

Nasdaq May 13 2011: Treasury Auctions To Take US Over Debt Ceiling On Monday

Banker Bailouts

Huffington Post Aug 12 2010:  TARP Global Impact: U.S. Bailout Helped Overseas Banks

Politico March 15 2009:  AIG ships billions in bailout abroad

Fox News Aug 12 2010:  Watchdog Panel Cites Global Impact of U.S. Bailout

Interesting Economic Stuff to Chew On…

Was Harry Dexter White the principal participant in Bretton Woods and the formation of the IMF and The World Bank  a soviet spy?
The CIA’s review of “Treasonable Doubt: The Harry Dexter White Spy Case”